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October 02nd, 2022

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Ghana Local Governance Decentralization Program

May 5th, 2017

Grassroots Transparency Initiative for Accountability and Civic Participation Project

Ghana’s decentralized governance system provides significant authority for decision making, planning, and budgeting to local government officials. However, this is not matched with a robust strategy to give communities the skills/resources to ensure accountability. Many youth perceive local government officials such as District Chief Executives (DCEs) and assembly members to be corrupt, damaging the basic trust and social cohesion necessary for successful democratic governance.

Having identified the low participation of the youth in local governance as an impediment to democracy and the socioeconomic development of rural communities in Ghana, WillWay Africa set out to design and implement the Grassroots Transparency Initiative for Accountability and Civic participation project in the Wassa-Amenfi West District of the Western Region.  The project was under the auspices of the Ghana Local Governance and Decentralization Project (LOGODEP), with support from the American people through USAID. WillWay Africa implemented this intervention aimed at increasing youth participation in local governance as a more sustainable way of helping to bring about youth-centred economic and developmental policies at the grassroots level and increase the transparency and accountability of local government actors.

Key activities included participatory and interactive workshops; formation of six Community Civic clubs; Institution of regular Interface meetings between community leaders and local government actors; Initiation of community projects lead by Civic clubs in their respective communities - borehole, nursery, resurfacing of inaccessible road, fund raising to maintain community water supply among others.