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October 02nd, 2022

Education program at WillWay Africa

Education is the most effective way to empower the rural poor to get out of poverty and to ensure that the Millennium Development Goals are met in sub-Saharan Africa

Our Education Program employs a mix of evidence-based strategies aimed at providing opportunities for disadvantaged children and youths to learn and develop their potentials to become productive members of the society. The Program comprises of a set of interconnected projects that comprehensively addresses the challenges of the young person and their social environment.  

WillWay Africa works to:

  • Education for All scholarship Project: The project support high performing and disadvantage rural school children, particularly girls with full and partial scholarship packages to further their education. 
  • Chance for Children: This is a free Mobile ICT school that is aimed at bridging the digital divide between children in the rural and urban areas. The school is held on vacations at a central venue easily accessible to children from 30 hard-to-reach communities. Currently fund is being raised to construct a permanent eco-friendly, ultra modern and multipurpose ICT resource centers that will serve 50 rural schools. The facility will also provide regular professional development for rural teachers to enhance their pedagogical skills.
  • Career Guidance and Counseling. Provides training and resources for teachers to provide their pupils’ with free and confidential counseling services in the area of academic, sexuality, health among other issues.
  • Edutainment Project: This employs a series of extracurricular activities meant to create a fun, lively and competitive school environment that attracts and retains pupils in school. This includes Science/Craft/Cultural Fairs, Awards and Cultural Day Festival, Essay Competitions, Debates etc. 

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